The Truth About Marriage
A Documentary by Roger Nygard

Do you want to know why the majority of marriages fail? And why the rest are such hard work?

Who gets to decide on the correct definition of marriage...traditional, gay, straight, open, arranged, common law…?

What are the REAL reasons people get, children, loneliness, business, custom, polygamy, boredom, coercion, jealousy, mutual exploitation…?

How can we find a happy relationship within our modern culture? Which culture is getting it right? And why are the others getting it wrong?

After tackling the most difficult concept filmmaker Roger Nygard could imagine in the award-winning documentary, The Nature of Existence, he sought an even more challenging topic than the very fabric of existence itself: marriage.

The Truth About Marriage will be a no-holds-barred exploration of the concept of human marriage. Can you choose who you love? Who is the boss in most relationships? Is the very nature of seduction manipulative? How do people deal with changes in passion after marriage? What is the main cause of conflict and divorce? When is it time to quit? What are the secrets behind a happy marriage?

This worldwide search will discover what people really think, suffer, and celebrate in marriage, through the experiences of married couples — gay, straight, and otherwise — plus the experts, authors, therapists, the divorce-bound and their lawyers, and many others....

This entertaining journey of discovery through the world of marriage and relationships will present the wisdom, the pain, and the laughter from couples all over the world. And in addition to being controversial, funny, and informative, The Truth About Marriage will ultimately be uplifting...because life itself is indeed an amazing, grand, delirious comedy.

Filmmaker Roger Nygard’s first documentary, Trekkies and the sequel Trekkies 2, were anthropological studies of a subculture of science-fiction fandom. Six Days in Roswell was a cultural portrait of Americana, a small town gone alien crazy. His most recent documentary, The Nature of Existence asked the ultimate question, “What’s the point of everything?” According to Nygard, “When I obsesses on a topic, I don’t quit until I have a movie about it.” Nygard has also directed commercials and television shows, such as the HBO series, "The Mind Of The Married Man," the FOX series "The Bernie Mac Show," the NBC series "The Office," the DisneyXD series "Zeke & Luther," as well as having edited Emmy and ACE nominated episodes of HBO’s "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and FX’s “The League.”

© Copyright 2012 by Roger Nygard

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