What is your secret spot? The place you think about when someone asks you to show yours? In March 2009 Canadian video artist Christina Zeidler collaborated with 57 Bahamian artists one minute in their “favourite” or “secret” spot in Nassau.

Together they created one minute of video in each location. Then she edited all of these segments together to make a 57 minute video. The video was screened in Rawson Square, Nassau, Bahamas on March 27th 2009.

The screening featured a live band creating an improvised soundscape to the images. The band comprised of local professional musicians, who came together specifically for this performance. Some of the artists joined their video on stage to add to the live performance.

This is the original video footage with audio documentation of the live performance. If you listen closely you can even hear the audience join in.

Show Me Yours is presented by The Hub and Popop Studios Center for the Visual Arts.

Participating Musicians:
Alvin Lightburn, Celina Carroll, Chip Yarwood, Mario Lord and Micheal Stevenson. Musical Direction by Chip Yarwood.

Participating artists:
Erin Greene, Vaughn Roberts, Erika M. Robinson, Kendal Hanna, Liduine Bekman, Angelique Cartwright, Simon Says, Nicole Farquarson, Thea Rutherford, John Alfred Thompson, Daria Delancey, Margot Bethel, Kisha Ellis, Toby Lunn, Obediah Michael Smith, Kareem Mortimer, Perry and Kevin, Michael Edwards, Trevor Bigetty Taylor, Selima Hauber, Lawrence 'Larry' Smith, Lindsay M.A. Braynen, Sue Bennett-Williams, Heino Schmid, Anya Antonovych Metcalf, Andrew Jones, Jackson Petit, Terry Miller, Royan Dean, Bernard Petit, Nicolette Bethel, Nadia Campbell, Khia Poitier, Juanita Kelly, E.J. Adderley, Maria Goven, Jay Koment, Matthew Kelly, Rachael Whitehouse, Stephen Aranha, Sue Katz, Antonius Roberts, Dede and Robert Brown, John Cox, Jonathan Murray, Christine Wilson, Jackson Logan Burnside III, Patty Roker, Dylan Rapillard, Bryan Boddy, Agnieszka Christie, Lisa Lawlor, Nadine Thomas Brown, Fred Ferguson and Tingum Dem Band, Amy, Dash Ramon and Peanuts Taylor.

Special Thanks to:

Jonathan Murray, Margot Bethel, John Cox,
Heino Schmid, Nadia Campbell, Nicolette Bethel,
Dede Brown, Dylan Rapillard, Chip Yarwood, John Thompson, Storm Strand, Rachael Whitehouse, Nano Miramontes, Larry Smith, Kareem Mortimer, Suanne McGregor, Deanne Lehtinen, The College/University of the Bahamas, Cabinet Office, TRT (Track Road Theatre), The Bahamas National Trust, The Bahamas Historical Society, The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, The 2009 Transforming Spaces Committee


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