hps-octane is a MaxForLive MIDI step sequencer designed with a modular point of view. Each step is divided in 8 main parameters families:
- GATE : the note event is played or not, with a probability parameter for each step;
- REPEAT : the note event is repeated or not, with micro-step edit;
- NOTE : set the value in semitone of the note, with note randomizing;
- OCTAVE : set the octave value of the played note, with octave randomizing;
- VELOCITY : set the velocity of the played note, with velocity randomizing;
- DURATION : set the duration of the played note;
- CONTROL 1 / CONTROL 2 : set the MIDI controller or remote Ableton Live parameter.

Each of these parameters has a TAB. Each TAB is in fact an independent sequencer with its own start and end step (so each sequencer can have its own lenght) with different motions (up, down, up&down, random, random w/ no repeat) or can be linked to the GATE TAB.

There is a nearly full remote and tactile control of up-to 8 instances from a custom Liine Lemur layout through OSC protocol, with an automatic iPad Lemur detection. Most of the parameters are MIDI controllable and clips "automatable" too.

Each instance has preset memories, and can be synchronized to Ableton Live or clip triggered which is a much more flexible way to play (a modular step sequencer with the full benefit of clip launching :-)

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