here is the latest test flight with the NEW "Herkules III" brushless
controller for multicopter usage.
With many improvements, the Herkules III is now able to handle the
Plettenberg Orbit 15-20 Motors easily.
The test configuration is:
- Oktokopter Frame AS8, 100cm dimension between axes
- 13kg lift-off weight
- FlightControl Mikrokopter FC2.1 and I2C
- Orbit 15-20
- Props 14x8 Graupner E-Props
- Brushless Controller "Herkules III" with active freewheeling
- First flight with 4x 4S/3300 Lipo
- Second flight with 2x 6S/5000 Lipo


Don't Do This at HOME !!!
This is a "worst case" test setup to stress the power electronics as much as possible!
This drive setup is NOT optimized for efficiency!
Target is to transfer lots of power in a short time.

A safe setup must have less payload...

Plettenberg Orbit 15-20 are not released for 6S and Graupner 14x8!!!

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