Layers is a video portrait series of over 10 videos as an initial exploration into a thought I had some years ago. One day while waiting for the subway, my eyes rested on one of those rusted and peeling NYC subway columns, it's layers of paint visible, every color it had ever been, peeling away making it the initial pure iron it started as.
I wished to myself "Wouldn't that be great? To be able to just peel back all these emotional layers that I've allowed to pile on me through all these years... diffusing, morphing, opaquing the real me... and just return to that pure iron Alina?"

I asked each participant to arrange 7 colors in an order that related to their life from their birth to the present (whatever meaning each color had to them). It's a metaphoric cleanse, a ritual to return to pure.

Created by: Alina Landry-Rancier / AMALA
DP: Frank Batista
Pouring Wizards (and with whom this would not have ever been possible):
Travis Weber -
Karina Nova -

M83 - By The Kiss (Purchase Here Track: Album:, Artist Website:

Shaan Couture & Daniel Duchene from for being my willing guinea pigs for the test shoot.
Kay Chen for being the DP for the test.
To all the participants for honoring me with your willingness to be part of this.

White Balance Studios in Brooklyn

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