A hands-on sound installation at the "Hamburger Bahnhof", Berlin.


The installation is an easy- to-use sound loop station, where visitors can create and explore sound patterns. It was part of the exhibition of "mixart" , a project that was specially addressed to a younger audience.

There are five materials laid out on the top of the loop station table. These materials have been chosen from Joseph Beuys' work material repertoire, such as felt or grease. Each material is equipped with a contact microphone.

Through the physical manipulation of an object, for instance scratching, robbing or thumping, the visitor can create different sounds and patterns. To combine these sounds the visitor can record them while pressing one of the recording buttons, in front of each object. After the recording, the sound will be played in a loop over and over again. The visitor can meld as many sounds as he likes, simply by recording more and more interactions with the material.

If a visitor wants to start over again he can use the 'delete button' to delete all the recorded sounds.


This beuys.loopstation was done by the collective »tk«

in cooperation with Lena Roob

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