Sidra Bell Dance New York
2012-2013 Season
"Bell has a lot working in her favor: powerful, daredevil dancers and an almost garish imagination capable of dreaming up surreal scenarios... a slick, in-your-face intensity dominates her onstage worlds. "
2012-2013 Season
side by side art festival. aug 26-30 (dusseldorf, germany)
international ballet festival. sept 14 (miami)
amp residency. oct 1-13 (san francisco)
salon series. @ LEVYdance. oct 6 (san francisco)
amp exclusive preview @LEVYdance. oct 10 (san francisco)
tanz farm. oct 31-nov 3 (atlanta)
92nd street y. nov 11 (new york city)
odc theater. nov 15-18 (san francisco)
first look @ cpr studios. dec 16 (brooklyn, ny)
reverb festival. jan 12 (new york city)
dance place. feb 2-3 (washington, d.c.)
chutzpah! festival. feb 16-18 (vancouver, b.c.)
2works home season @ bpac. may-june (new york city)
Directed by Sidra Bell
Filmography by Alex Popov/PopovMedia
Creative Consultant- Kristin Yancy
Set Assistant- Aaron Smeding
Sidra Bell Dance New York, is a boutique company based in New York City that presents innovative, kinetic, and provocative dance theater works. It has continually presented progressive, highly designed, cinematic, glamorous, and elaborate full scale productions to sold-out New York City audiences. Bell is a sought after voice in contemporary dance with a strong female vision creating works that ignite the imagination and explore the complexities of the human condition. She excavates the psyche and themes that are life affirming. The repertoire is unusual, haunting, emotionally transporting, complex, articulate, sensual, and highly physical. The work has become known for atmospheric, unconventional, spectacular, and forward-looking quality that push past traditional vocabulary, venues, and frameworks. The vocabulary is elegant, fantastical, tonal, and darkly romantic with original themes and larger than life characters. The choreographer enjoys material that is highly textural and graphic. She plays with and mines the natural and unnatural worlds as well as synthetic and organic tones. As a community minded organization SBDNY works closely with its audiences, students, and supporters through engagement activities, internships, and mentorships. The work synthesizes the worlds of design, media, fashion, and spectatorship through creative partnerships with artists of all kinds. SBDNY offers a comprehensive curriculum in contemporary dance practice and thought. With educational partnerships and commissions from the most prestigious institutions for dance and theater in the country and around the world the company is on the forefront of engaging and cultivating the next generation of artists.
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