The corpse of a palace in ruins turns into its own mausoleum.
Interiorism searchs for a Zen vision in wich man is totally integrated into his surroundings. That is why Hernán Talavera and Chema Araque highlighted the most organic part of the building, and they watch as nature recovers its primitive space: the light, water, plants, birds, insects... break the barrier between what is natural and what is artificial, by invading a space built for people. Part of the entire process is much like a documentary. The directors walked around the palace many times totally open to any suggestions forthcoming from the place itself. The process took them three years.

Title: Interiorismo
Country: Spain
Languaje: Spanish
Release date: 25 September 2009
Also know as: Interiorism
Directors: Hernán Talavera & Chema Araque
Writer: Hernán Talavera
Producers: Chema Araque & Hernán Talavera
Cinematographers: Hernán Talavera & Chema Araque
Cast: Luis Fernando Ríos (voice)
Music: Kenneth Kirschner
Runtime: 11:40
Sound: Stereo
Color: Black and White

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