Exhibited at the Siggraph 2012 Botanicus Interacticus commu­nic­ates a new capa­citive sensing tech­no­logy called Touché invented by Ivan Poupyrev / Disney Research in collab­or­a­tion with Jonas Loh / Studio NAND, Philipp Schoessler and Munehiko Sato.

By using a visual illu­sion achieved by placing a two-way mirror in front of the display, inter­active and gener­ative graphics augment living plants and dynam­ic­ally change in response to the user inter­ac­tion with a living plant. The custom soft­ware enables to set specific anchor points on splines matching the shape of the plant. The particles move from this spline creating an aurora like impres­sion. A range of real and arti­fi­cial plants such as bamboo, orchid, cactus and snake plant were explored, where each plant presented its unique inter­active and visual character.

The exhibition was developed in collaboration with TheGreenEyl & Christian Riekoff


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