The Center for Watershed Sciences has a set of study sites on rivers throughout the northern Sierra Nevada range in California and in some locations in the Central Valley. Part of this research includes monitoring the river's edge habitat with remote game cameras. After a year's worth of captures, we realized we could do some other processing with these videos. This video shows images and hydrographs capturing the same moment in time.

About the images:
The images in this video are taken by a game camera that takes an hourly picture, on the hour, 24 hours a day.

How the video is made:
For this video, we pulled in river stage data from USGS flow gages at nearby, but not exact, locations. In this case, due to the distance between the camera and the gage, the times on the flow gage data were time-shifted in order to align with the camera's location. Using Python and matplotlib, we created a hydrograph for each time. Then, using Perl and ImageMagick, we overlaid the hydrographs with images based on the timestamps. Finally, we used Virtualdub to turn the completed frames into a 10 FPS movie.

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