There are no accidents, only mistakes. Seriously, I did a great job on this one. I was riding around the valley today trying to capture some video footage of the first Hinterland Scout. I happened in this case to be using a boom for my camera and riding on a path called the Van Tuyl Loop when I ended up plowing into a ditch.

The way this runs down is as follows. There is a kink in the path, kind of a quick jog to the left and back to the right in this direction. Easy enough. I was moving pretty well, one hand on the tiller, the other on the camera boom. Took the kink and on the far side there was a mother and a kid on a bike. I look away from where I'm going to say "Howdy". Drift right. At which point, you can see on my face, oh shit I've just put my right wheel in the ditch. I'm going down and I know. The slow-mow is actually pretty good. I curled up in the cockpit until I came to a stop.

No major injures, only a scratch on my left arm (the one holding the camera). The Scout is ok too, but I'll need to buff out some scratches. Lesson learned.

Music: Mejdoub by ¡para!helion (

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