This is a discussion kicked off by a question from the audience interested to hear the Panel's view on Crowdfunding.

Simon Walker from Glopho said the only advice from a VC that he would listen to was "avoid crowdsourcing if you want to raise money from a VC in the future". because it was about making a deal. If you are making a deal you don't want to make it with 150 people. you want to make it with half a dozen or a dozen

Glenn Shoosmith of BookingBug said it was a reputational thing. He said VCs might say 'could you not get a good Angel, did they not believe in your business?' It sets off warning bells for them.

From the audience Chris Puttick, Co-chair European Crowdfunding Association said there were different types of Crowdfunding. Reward-based and Equity. I think the risk with Equity particularly the VC opinion of it will shift. Reward-based and Equity Crowdfunding do a very good job of PR.

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