"All that Remains" is a 30 minute documentary exploring the funeral industry and alternative funeral practices.

Death is all over our culture yet few people ever consider the reasons why our society handles the deceased the way it does, how much money goes into a funeral and what effects certain practices have on the environment.

Featuring interviews with Mark Harris, author of "Grave Matters: A Journey through the modern Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial" and practitioners from the funeral industry - "All that Remains" aims to inform viewers of what really happens to our bodies, our earth and our wallets after we pass.

The documentary premiered on Indiana PBS station WTIU on 6/25/2010

Steve Burns: Producer, Writer, Director, Camera Operator, Assistant Editor

2010 Indiana University Multivision Award Winner Best Non-Fiction
Official Selection to 2009 RiversEdge Film Festival
Official Selection to 2009 Golden Gate Fiction & Documentary Festival

Written, Directed and Produced: Steve Burns
Executive Producer: Ron Osgood
Edited by: James Ball, Jessica Turner
Camera Operators: James Ball, Kyle Benham, Steve Burns, Kaleb Throckmorton, Jessica Turner, Claire Sakurada
Graphics and Animation: Kyle Benham
Music: Zach Lapidus

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