Update: 4-11-2014
website: patchavfx.com
email: patchavfx@gmail.com

shot 1&2: The blacklist (NBC) - create smoke and rigid body simulation in Maya.
shot 3,4 &5: Adamas (Thesis) - create FX smoke, rigid body & particle in Maya // shading&lighting with Vray // compositing using Nuke
shot 6: Gummy bear: create rigid body using nParticle & Maya // modeling, lighting and shading in Mental Ray // compositing in After Effects // Matchmove in Match mover
shot 7: Adams (thesis): create smoke and particle FX in Maya // compositing in Nuke
shot 8: War of Evolution (thesis): create the FX dust with Maya // compositing and keying in Nuke // Lighting in Vray
shot 9: Nike: create particle FX with fume FX and Krakatoa in 3D Max // compositing in Nuke // match move in matcha mover
shot 10: Adamas (thesis): create smoke and particle FX in Maya // model, lighting, shading & render with Mental ray // compositing in Nuke
shot 11: Bubble : create air bubble FX with realflow
shot 12: Honey: FX simulation in Realflow // Model, rendering, shadding, lighting in Maya's mental ray
shot 13: Rock Diamond: create FX particle, rigid body and pyron smoke in Houdini // rendering in Vray
shot 14: Adamas (thesis): compositing in Nuke
shot 15/16/17: HP innovation: cleaning the footage, burn-in monitor screen, add 3D elements all in Nuke
shot 18: Lagoa: create particle FX and polygonize with XSI and emPolygonizer // lighting, shading & rendering with Arnold render
shot 19: Chocolate Milk: create with realflow // lighting, shading & rendering with Arnold render
shot 20: Nike: Smoke, particle in Maya and rendering with Krakatoa

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