'Rebekah Shaman: The Shaman's Last Apprentice' is a new Ayahuasca documentary focusing on the story of Rebekah Shaman, who in 1997 studied intensively with a powerful Ayahuasquero Shaman deep in the Amazon Jungle. Now she tells of her unique story.

"This story is also a warning from the Shaman to the West that we urgently need to change our relationship with each other, and with Mother Earth. Only by our choices can we end war and make this planet a Heaven on Earth. And yet change can only occur when each one of us takes the responsibility to change ourselves first. Now it is time to wake up and evolve consciously, to start shining our light and spreading our love. You do not need to go to the rainforest to find your divinity. It is found when we are truly happy and at peace with ourselves. It is an inner journey that is unique to each individual, a universal pilgrimage called life that we are all taking, consciously or unconsciously. We are not helpless. We are not caged. The path of conscious evolution is open to anyone who wishes to walk it."

For more information on Rebekah, visit: rebekahshaman.com/index.php?id=11
Buy 'The Shaman's Last Apprentice' book: rebekahshaman.com/index.php?id=24

Produced and Directed by Alexander Ward

Music: youtube.com/user/mountainmystic9?feature=watch

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