How does one learn to build a web application if you’ve never built one before? Once we have grasped the essentials, how do we elevate our game to the next level? In an era of a seemingly permanent talent shortage, how can organizations sensibly invest in less-experienced developers and help them grow?

It turns out that in spite of the challenges, there are practical things we can do, both as individuals, organizations, and open source communities, to continually grow in both skill and perspective. In this talk I’ll explore time-tested strategies that create a culture of learning, enhance a developer’s skills, and help beginners move into environments where they can be most productive.
About the Presenter
Jeff Cohen is currently the Chief Instructor of The Starter League here in Chicago, and teaches the beginner-focused Web Development course. He has worked with object-oriented programming languages and application frameworks for more than 15 years. In 2008, Jeff started Purple Workshops, conducting beginner-level workshops in Ruby, Rails, and agile software techniques. He co-wrote the book Ruby on Rails for .NET Developers , published by Pragmatic Press, speaks at technical conferences throughout the year, and is a Ruby on Rails contributor, teacher, and writer.

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