“It is better to be a part of beauty for one instant and then cease to exist than to exist forever and never be a part of beauty…” - Don Marquis

KRISTIAN AADNEVIK is back in London revealing his SPRING/SUMMER 2013 collection.

With the humble moth serving as inspiration, Kristian explores what is the mysterious yet hauntingly beautiful creature. From the protection of its cocoon to the fragility of its wings, his collection encompasses the journey of this creature’s life. Although fragile and damaged, it is always daring to venture towards the light. Breaking away from the darkness of the winter to find the beauty of spring and summer.

“My collection for Spring/Summer 2013 is intended to explore the dark secrets of nature and bring them to their true light ” says KRISTIAN.

KRISTIAN’S SPRING/SUMMER 2013 collection consists of printed chiffon dresses with crystalized embellishments, which highlights the hidden beauty of the moth. Juxtaposed to these softer elements are the exotic skins and studded leather detail, which are representative of the protection and harness of the cocoon. The colours of the collection range from nude and white to grey and khaki. The diversity throughout the collection brings the beautiful metaphor of the moth and its reincarnation to life.

The darkest and most understated parts of nature become the source of beauty and power.

For further information about the collection please email pr@kristianaadnevik.com or call +44 (0)20 7823 3797

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