This vid shows a confrontation i Southern Lebanon, between on one side the following elements of UNIFIL, APC platoon/Coy A/NORBATT XXV, UNIFIL Force Mobile Reserve (FMR) and lastly one bulldozer from SVEDENGCOY, & on the other elements of the Israeli defence forces (IDF), that took place on the 23th of July 1990. The item of dispute was a new road to the IDF position PV-68 (UNIFIL designation), near the South Lebanese village of Kaokaba, that the IDF wanted to build a bit further away from the Litani river than the allready existing access road to PV-68.

On the part of IDF, I guess they hoped the new road would make the approach to PV-68 less exposed to ambushes with what nowdays are termed IEDs, but back then were just called "roadside bombs".
With regards to UNIFIL/NORBATT the new road would put the position 4-24 CP in an untenable position, in that it would be able to watch infiltration attempts by local "armed elements" (in short AE, a general UNIFIL term for insurgency organisations/formations resisting the Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon) against the new road, but outside the mandated NORBATT/UNIFIL area of operations (AO).

Thus putting UNIFIL as a neutral intermediate in an impossible positon, open to accusations of either not stopping terrorist or of meddling with the affairs of the Armed elements outside of the UNIFIL AO.
4-24 CP also risked standing directly in line of IDF retaliatory fire from PV-68 against AE infil attempts on the new road.

This incident is a follow up to the incident on 13th July 1990

In the end UNIFIL had to back off, when IDF threatened with opening fire against UN forces if the didn't back down. Unfortunately for IDF/DFF this new road also later were targeted with IEDs by AE on several occasions.

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