ELEVATION drops in at over 7000 feet, showcasing the new Top of the World alpine trail on the Peak of Whistler Mountain.

For the first time ever, the Peak Chair on Whistler Mountain opened for mountain bikers this summer and made the dream of riding the alpine a reality. The Elements of Perfection team and riders went all out for the final video of the series and the result is as unique as the ride.

Although Top of the World is now closed for the season as we wait for the snow to fly, there is no doubt that its return in 2013 will be even more anticipated than the last.

For more information on the Peak Zone and Top of the World, check out the Peak Zone web page: whistlerbike.com/information/peak/index.htm

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Whistler Mountain Bike Park - whistlerbike.com/index.htm
Goldstein Productions - goldsteinproductions.ca/
Starring Whistler Mountain Bike Park Team riders Peter Matthews and Berend Boer.

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