Duration: 4min
Documentary // USA, BRAZIL // Spanish, English, Portuguese
Executive Producers: Gloria Camacho, Johanna Salazar
Directed by: Gloria Camacho, Johanna Salazar
Editor: Jenny Ramirez

Upon launching our social enterprise & media company, we were given the chance to put our mission to the test. When the call came in from international non-profit Service for Peace with the opportunity to partner in a project in Brazil, armed with only 2 FLIP cameras and an idea, our mission of producing impact came to life and the true superheroes of the future were revealed. This film shares the personal experience of 7 young, American volunteers who traveled to Brazil and dedicated their Christmas vacation to the revamping of a small community center. It is a glimpse of what is possible through the gift of service.

*A Sneak Peek of the film was presented at the SUSTAINATOPIA 2011: Opening Ceremony.

*Previews of the film are available on our site's main page as well as on our You Tube page, AcenethTV

For more on the distribution of this film, available screenings and opportunities to help spread the message of Changemaking, reach out to:

(347) 281-1702

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