It is now over a decade since the war in the Balkans came to an end. The disaster has slowly dissolved into the river of collective historical memory, and the many interpretations of the events, have gradually been filed away and settled in the form of fragmented, partial, partisan information. The real events will remain for ever blurred by the unreal veil of a nightmare that we are still waking up from, and already starting to forget.

A Balkan war veteran – who is now a homeless alcoholic – dreams that he is a tree growing inside the ruins of his house, which was destroyed in a bombing raid.

Andoliado Productions presents
a feature film by Dionis Escorsa

Bojana Jelenic
Patricia Maeser
Fran Blanes
Jan Hofmann
Francesc Garriga
Vahida Ramujkic

A Spanish-Serbian co-production.
87 min.
Black & White.
Original format: XDcam cinealta.
Available screening formats: DCP 2K and HDCAM
Audio Surround 5.1
Spoken languages: Serbian and Catalan.
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, German, Serbian and Catalan.

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