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4FRNT was founded in 2002 in Lake Tahoe, California. Frustrated by not having skis that would support the innovations he was envisioning, Matt Sterbenz decided to take matters into his own hands. Aligning himself with other professional skiers that shared his vision, he was able to assemble a rider owned team including freeskiing originators: Steele Spence, Vincent Dorion, Eric Hjorleifson, Niklas Karlström and CR Johnson. 4FRNT's main mission and core values stem from the rider owned philosophy. The design of products, technical and graphic, are based upon experiences and desires of the 4FRNT team of athletes and owners. Working diligently with the highest quality materials in the best ski factories, 4FRNT has earned a reputation as a leader in this performance ski category. 4FRNT's mantra has always been: "made for skiers, by skiers" and this is a testament to skiers mending true passion with innovation.

4FRNT produces Alpine skis, bindings, poles and accessories. 4FRNT is located in Salt Lake City, UT where they occasionally take off work for powder days at Alta.

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