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4 STELLE HOTEL is a cross-media project centered on a web-based digital storytelling documentary. It revolves around an abandoned 4-star conference hotel on the outskirts of Rome which is being squatted by 700 occupants, hailing from more than 30 different countries, who are currently experimenting with the creation of a uniquely mixed society and advancing a collective fight for a better future.

The Eurostars Roma Congress and Convention Center, a modern 4 stars hotel located about 1 km away from Raccordo Anulare in the east of Rome, suddenly closes in December 2011, after firing more than 60 workers. This hotel is was part the Eurostars chain, which has more than 50 hotels in the world, mainly oriented towards business.
The big glass-covered building had been abandoned for one year, when it was occupied by 250 families of migrants supported and guided by the collective BPM and by the City Coordination Board for the Fight for Housing Rights, two experienced movements which have been struggling for housing rights for many decades. This occupation is part of the mobilization that has led to many occupations from the 6th of December 2012 onwards and that has resulted in about 3000 people in housing emergency entering several unsold or unused buildings. The motto was: "Let's get our city back".
The new tenants of the 4 STARS are about 700 people of about 30 different nationalities, mainly coming from the Maghreb, the Horn of Africa, Latin American and East Europe. They have given new life to the abandoned hotel by giving back their original use to common spaces and rooms through an internal self-organization process which includes from cleaning shifts to picket lines in order to safeguard what is now these people's home. Some of the occupants have lived in Italy for many years, some others have recently escaped from regimes, revolutions and extreme poverty conditions.
All of them are fighting for housing rights and for a better future.