What compels a hate crime survivor to reconcile with his tormentor?

Can gaming technology in the hands of young people help reverse generations of division between Palestinians and Israelis?

Bringing together 500 thought leaders from around the world, the September gathering in Assisi addressed these and other compelling questions related to the power love and forgiveness can have in the world.

"Fetzer's work helps bring the transformative power of love and forgiveness into the center of individual and collective lives," said Institute President and CEO Lawrence E. Sullivan. "Our global gathering was the foremost conference yet in bringing together top scientists and professionals with unique examples of love and forgiveness in order to learn how underlying principles can be taught to others."

Examples include community leaders using forgiveness to heal wounds in war-torn Uganda and grassroots activists “paying it forward” with compassion and service to bridge racial divisions in inner-city Chicago. Experts will share their insights on love and forgiveness at work in a wide range of disciplines, spanning law, business, health care, the world of sports, and more.

The event also featured art exhibitions and cultural events open to the public, and the Institute will invite others worldwide to join in demonstrating what its founder John Fetzer called “the most powerful force in the world,” love.

Lets take a look at the highlights from the 2012 Fetzer Global Gathering.

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