Six (6) county sheriffs spoke at this amazing event. The audience of approx. 300 attendees left inspired to (A) sharpen their constitutional knowledge, (B) formulate a consolidated strategy to ensure that unalienable rights are duly protected by elected sheriffs in the territory referred to as Jefferson.

Sheriff Gilbertson (Josephine County) opens the session with an overview of the dire consequences of economic hardship in the Southern Oregon region.

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0:20:02 Sheriff Jon Lopey (Siskiyou County) follows with swift and certain reinforcement that economic hardship, through governmental over-regulation and environmental extremism, has been catastrophic for Siskiyou County's ability to ensure fully adequate public safety.
0:39:21 Sheriff Robert 'Bob' Hudspeth (Wheeler County) then explains how best to handle overstepping federal agents.
0:49:37 Sheriff Bruce Haney (Trinity County) presents how things line up from within his jurisdiction.
1:01:27 Sheriff Dean Wilson (Del Norte County) describes the need for constitutional activism among all residents.
1:16:49 Sheriff Mike Poindexter (Modoc County) shares how his county budget is next to last in the state, overcoming challenges of the fiscal pinch which keeping the oath! OOOrahh
1:35:22 Rae Copitka shares the impact that NCSA is having on the liberty movement via the courageous sheriffs that are keeping their constitutional oaths against federal and state encroachments the people's liberty.

America is once again becoming 'land of the free and home of the brave'...Thank you, fellow patriots, as we continue to reserve all rights and demand that all constitutional protections be upheld by those who are elected to do exactly that. Well-deserved credit goes to Both Liz and Erin from northern California/southern Jefferson as well as Loma and Rae from southern Oregon/northern Jefferson on a job Well Done!

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