Dance performance created by the Belgium dance company t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e

Interdisciplinary installation-performance through which dance, song and
territory meet, triggering the public’s mobility in a spirit of proximity and
intimacy. Dancers and musicians are inside transparent inflatables bubbles!
Distorsions urbaines takes an interest in the clash of territories, speeds and
movements of different scales through the exploration and the decoding of
three cities: Hong Kong, Mtwapa (Kenya) and Brussels.
We are trying out a deciphering of the city, a system of urban reading and
writing, with humour and certain strangeness brought about as a result of
The singer/musician Matthieu Ha develops a language without words
with witch he ends up with his Haute Contre voice in a musical style
close to minimal and baroque music.
Between performance and installation, the two sides of this
dance project, with their diverging issues, meet at the perceptive
distortions level.

Choreography, scenography : Pierre Larauza, Emmanuelle Vincent
Dancers : Charles Ngombengombe, Sara Tan, Emmanuelle Vincent
Singer/musician accordion : Matthieu Ha
Cellist : Guillaume Martigné
Performeur-drawer : Thy Truong Minh
Performers : Olga Mandel Ndaya, Pierre Larauza
Technician : Serge Payen

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