This is part two of the anyone can play Performer edit.

This edit contains first timers, more advanced players and experts;-)

This edit shows that anyone can play kendama. The 'Performer Kendama' also shows that it's perfect for learning basic tricks aswell as more advanced tricks.

Expect no high-technique Editing. Fun is the keyword!

A big thank you to all the players in this Edit:
-Niggety Nixaan
-Lionel Graaf
-Alex Ruisch(Kendalex)
-Jeffrey van Reeven(van Rasta,Mr Ductchkendama)
-Wesley den Ouden
-David Marchant
-Justin Ruyter
-Sander van Dijk
-Richard de Bijl
-Louis de Bijl
-Stefan de Bijl
-Tim de Roode
-Evelyne Oorbeek
-Melvin Witte
-Tess van Hoffe
-Daisy Beije
-Martin van Oorden
-Danny Mouthaan
-Brenda van de Greijn

Sunrise kendama,


Niggety Nixaan

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