First session after lunch, the track was still pretty cold. I was still fighting grip issues, again, not much as far as traffic. I got close to Aaron who was also fighting issues with grip, so I started pushing a bit. I pushed a bit too much into T5. The car started to push, so I lifted a bit, then bled back into the gas. The car continued to push, so I decided, well, I'm going off, so I'll 50/50 the curb. As you will see, the mud doesn't have much grip, so weight transfer plus left rear wheel without traction, off I went(9:40). I went two foot in, car still died. I was just worried about the flag station and how fast that I would get there, you can see me in the mirror watching for it out the window. No damage beside ripping the zip ties holding the bumper. Not much other "action" besides a Yellow 'Vette at 4:29. Ambient 59* with track temp at 76*.

Car Stats:
'94 Honda Civic. (23xxlbs. w/ driver and 1/2 tank)
B16a w/ Bolt ons. (~135hp/100tq)
LS trans. w/ 4.4 fd.

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