This month we’re brought MONSTERS to life! Whether it lives under your bed or deep in the woods, animators collaborated and created their favourite monsters in true CubePong style.

We also introduced an amended time slot of 45 minutes as apposed to the regular 30 minute allocation which, in turn, allowed the animators move flexibility but still constraining them to a short deadline.

Overall, there are some amazing concepts and plenty of techniques for Cinema 4D users to explore in the open file supplied on the website

Well done and thank you to all the talented animators and designers who contributed on this project. Follow these artists on twitter for more great insight into Cinema 4D. They are:@c4dweekly, @cblaylock, @SamWelkerTV, @capsz, @RagingClaw, @wvdkamp, @ITVteacher, @rostenbach, @BrankoVlahov, @RisingPixels, @EugeneOpperman, @CubePong

As usual a render would not be possible without the support of our render partners - when it comes to a Cinema 4D renderfarm, there's no competition.

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