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The Idaho name change for an adult as described in the State Code 7-801 and State Code 7-804 is done by filing a petition to the county's civil court where you are a resident. It is easier, if you were just married, to have your certified marriage license with the raised seal or if you were recently divorced to have your divorce decree. Typically, you will not have a court hearing in Idaho but it depends on the circumstances of the name change.

Must be a resident for at least 6 months
If just married, must have your original marriage certificate.
If just divorced, must have your divorce decree.
Step 1 - Fill-Out the following forms:
Idaho Name Change Petition ANC 1-1
Idaho Notice of Hearing ANC-3.
Step 2 - Do not sign until you are in front of a Public Notary. Make 2 copies of each.

Step 3 - File the Petition to the County Court Clerk's office in the County where your live (See County List Below). Pay the filing fee of $86.00 and you will be given a case number. Make sure to have the court clerk make your hearing at least 6 weeks in advance from the date you filed petition.

Step 4 - You will receive a Idaho letter of publication from the Court Clerk's office and you will be needing to send that along with your Idaho Notice of Hearing to the newspaper you choose. The ad must run for at least once per week for 4 consecutive weeks.

Step 5 - After successful publication, the newspaper will provide you with an 'Affidavit for Publication' which you will need to send to the County Court Clerk's office via standard mail or e-mail.

Step 6 - Idaho Code requires that the Petitioner be at the hearing. At the hearing, the Judge may ask you simple questions about the reasoning for your name change, but probably will just want to know the basic reasons. The Judge will sign your Idaho Order for Name Change which will be your official document for changing your name at any public or private institution.

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