I've just edited a small clip "Highlights" with the best sequences of the 3 GoPros of Adam and my footage filmed from the ground.

Born of Adam’s imagination in December 2006, CAPTENS set itself three goals... to fly in tribute to THE FRENCH CONNECTION. Daniel Heligoin and Montaine Mallet were friends, and Adam worked as an aerobatic Instructor-Pilot for them at MUDRY AVIATION in Florida...to honor the memory of Auguste Mudry, another friend gone West, and father of the CAP 10, CAP 20, CAP 21, CAP 231 and CAP 232... and to prove that, as Richard Bach writes : "You are never given a wish without being given the power to make it true". More info, pictures and videos on the captens official website : captens.fr

Many thanks and congratulations to my friends Marianne and Adam !

Filmed and edited by Yannick Barthe, yannickbarthe.ch. Onboard footage recorded by Adam Shaw, captens.fr. Music by Bahati Kiro (purchased with a web license).

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