Lions and Tigers is the story of the South Sudan wheelchair basketball team.

The team was nothing but a dream for the captain Gatluak while he and a number of the other players were living in a Kenyan refugee camp where they were exiled having lost limbs during a brutal civil war.

With South Sudan gaining its independence from Sudan in 2011, a new era full of hope and possibility dawned in the country. But the new nation still faces a huge number of challenges. Ongoing tensions with the north and huge economic problems have cast a shadow over what was, for the vast majority of South Sudanese, a momentous occasion, drawing a line under two long and violent wars lasting more than 40 years.

The film looks at the team and their personal stories of war, refugee life, coming to terms with their disability and returning home. It also examines the legacy of the war and what the future holds for the country.

They prove that disability can be overcome in even in the harshest of conditions and that there is hope for this new nation.

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