The Barefoot Basterds is an art collective for people that give a fuck about not giving one. We come from Brazil, Sweden, France and Switzerland, united in the same ambition. Put our team in super duper extreme environments. Just to see if we can 1. survive 2. produce awesome art 3. get a good excuse to GTFO of commercial work for a little while.

This video sum up our journey all the way to the Philippines. For 2 weeks, we confined ourselves on Fredrik Haren's Ideas Island (, a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The goal was to create art stuff with our bare hands and feet, far away from the computer bullshit.

We ended up doing far more than expecting: creating awesome typographic experiments, beating up cute little dolphins and drinking the equivalent of an entire load of pirate's ship rum.

You can check all our art work created on the island on our pinterest page :

OUR NEXT CHALLENGE : May 2013, 21 days in the deep mountains of Pantagonia, fishing, hunting, teaching, creating, running, dancing.. Just because we can. More to come.

Questions, sponsors or hate-mails:

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