The monotonous flatness of the Western Australian outback is interrupted by the tall antennae of the Australian SKA Pathfinder Radio Telescope. The night sky is majestically dark with no man-made lights for as far as eye would see. The dishes are slowly turning following the path of stars. Sounds like stargazer's haven... Indeed I was very happy to be there filming the CSIRO ASKAP radio telescope under the night time sky. The equipment worked flawlessly and weather was kind.

Murchison Radio-astronomy observatory is one of the most radio-quiet places in the World and not many people come by. This footage may be quite unique because after the telescope testing phase is completed, any electronic equipment including cameras may not be used near the telescope.

The ASKAP is the next generation radio-telescope with 36 antennae that work together as one with a total collecting area of approximately 4,000 square metres. When completed the The ASKAP telescope will be able to detect hundreds of times more galaxies than current radio telescopes, helping us to understand how galaxies have formed and evolved.

I hope you enjoy watching this short film. Many thanks to Maxim Voronkov (CSIRO) for helping me out on site and for driving the antennas for the film and to CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science for organising my
unforgettable visit.

Thanks to Dynamic Perception ( for making a great programmable and portable Stage Zero dolly.

Music: Human Imagination by maxx (Tunguska Electronic Music Society)

Alex Cherney

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