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This is my second review for the JAG35 Pro. I like this adapter a lot for the low price tag. It works very well on my Sony HDR-SR11.

In this review, I talk about how you can use magnets from a Blackberry or iPhone holster to magically flip the image in the SR11 viewfinder. By doing this, you can properly see the right-side-up video footage shot through the JAG35 Pro. This “flip” does not work on all consumer cameras, but it works great on the Sony SR11.

Sony cameras are also a good match-up with the JAG35 adapters. I found that I could lock the focus on the SR11 and then set the silver dial to adjust the exposure. This allowed me to operate the camera in full manual mode.

In this video I take the JAG35 to Rumney Rocks, in New Hampshire and take some pretty pictures of a few rock climbers. Thanks to Dan and Tobi for starring in this little short.

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I found vignetting and soft edges when I used my f2.8 lenses. This adapter is not as good as Letus products, but it works well for the $300-$400 price.

Special thanks to Matt Stapleton for his extensive internet research to find an easy “flip” solution for the SR11. And also, a friendly hello to Joe Stunzi. @jstunzi dear world, joe stunzi is the man!

TRT: 6 minutes 12 seconds
Size: 137.9 MB
Type: Quicktime mpeg4 720p HDTV

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