Ron Low - circumcised at birth in 1962 - demonstrates the application of a leg strap for continuous gentle tension with a foreskin restoration tugger.

This technique could be used during the day, in a 9-5 setting.

The optimal strap tension is found by using the 4-hour rule.

The 4-hour rule is a method for determining the best tugging force to use. I recommend tugging for 10 - 12 hours per day. That time will be broken up by necessary trips to the toilet. The time span will be also be broken up by other interruptions.

You need to use a tension setting that will stay comfortable from the time you apply the device until the next interruption. This might typically be 4 hours (for example, the time between breakfast and lunch).

So to use the 4-hour rule, apply your tugging device to your penis. Add zero tension (no tension at all). Then wear the device for your desired duration (perhaps 4 hours). If you can do this for a few days with no pain, then you might increase your tugging force (or pusher extension) by a tiny increment. Continue increasing every few days until you have unavoidable discomfort within your desired wear interval. Then revert to the previous tension setting.

This method gives you the proper setting for tugging force. Gentle tension will give you increased slack skin. You will know it is working effectively because you will measure your FEC monthly.

Always apply a freshly washed device to freshly washed skin.

Even if you do everything perfectly, your device will sometimes get out of adjustment and start to cause pain. If this happens only occasionally, you can just re-apply the device and try again. If it happens within 4 hours every time you wear the device, then you need to reduce the tugging force or perhaps investigate if your device is the correct size for you.

If you tug in bed this becomes an 8-hour rule, and an OVER-THE-SHOULDER strapping method is needed.

The foreskin plays an important role in normal function. The skin that is commonly removed in circumcision is imbued with thousands of specialized nerve endings, highly sensitive to light touch. The restored skin protects the glans and adjacent mucosa, keeping these parts supple and sensitive. The normal or restored sheath of slack skin provides a mobility that lets the skin glide during intimacy and manipulation, affording the natural mode of frictionless stimulation.

Non-surgical foreskin restoration involves tensioning the skin which induces the skin tube to grow longer so the surviving skin can function somewhat like a foreskin. Although there is no evidence that specialized nerve ending organelles regenerate, those nerve endings which remain can function more as seemingly "intended" by nature because the skin sheds thickened surface layers, stays moist, and slinks around to cause a bending and straightening of the skin which the nerve endings are seemingly "designed" to respond to.

For help getting started with foreskin restoration, visit to see a wide range of tugging devices available, and, a free online support group, to discuss restoration with thousands of experienced restoring men.

To learn about protecting infants from forced genital cutting visit or, or look for Intactivists on Facebook.

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