HOLYGRAM (media iconostasis)

Authors - idea, installation - tenpoint /tenpoint.com.ua/
Sound - Kotra /kotra.org.ua//

HOLYGRAM is a generative art installation of abstract 3D objects synchronized to sound and demonstrated through hologram technology.

The work itself approaches problems of religion, technology and relations between them.

Was presented within Arsenale 2012 parallel program at the BOTTEGA gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine).


Religion - is the belief in supernatural. However, we all know that thanks to the technology mankind has already "surpassed" nature, which means that the supernatural, in its literal sense, has become our daily reality.

It is not the "laws of nature" but the invisible circulation of ephemeral digital data, "encoded information" now defines our life horizon, allowing us to overcome the usual restrictions of the "material world."

The word "miracle" as used now usually in pair with the word technique, has already lost its divine aura. Spoiled by progress, we got used that miracles accompany us at every step, and we know that they have a rational explanation.

The paradox is that this is our "rational" modern world still can continue to hold onto faith. But this faith holds on technology, rationality of "technological wonders": because for most of us functioning of complicated circuits remains a true mystery. Modern rationality is that we do not even try to understand another technical marvel with our own mind - we simply believe that it has any rational explanation that it stands some algorithm which is known only to the initiated specialists.

But what if HOLYGRAM works with the help of the Holy Spirit? How most of us can contrast this assumption with a general reference to the mysterious "modern technology". In terms of religious mysticism, by the way, miracles have quite rational explanation, just talking about the rationality of the "highest order" - the divine is not available for the "mere mortals."

Finally, the "divine" - as materials teaches us is merely a projection of our fantasies which are rooted in our experience.

Technology today is not only complements and improves our bodies, giving them more "supernatural" capabilities, even our "soul" in the long run - a product of technological capabilities.

Fantasies of a modern man are determined by technological progress, new technologies offer us a new space for imagination, media images fill our dreams, and technical metaphors provide us with an explanation of the world and themselves.

We can only accept the fact that we have long been cyborgs. Thus digital media iconostasis presented by TENPOINT is designed to meet the needs of our techno-spirituality. The important point here is that to meet these needs, we now need not go to church but to the Biennale of Contemporary Art.

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