About The Project

Commodify.us is a web application that allows people to visualize and license their Facebook data directly to marketers. Effectively cutting out the middleman, users have the opportunity to use a private, fair use, or royality-based license of their anonymous data.

Commodify.us provides a platform for you to regain control over the commercial exploitation of your personal data. After exporting your profile data from social media websites and uploading the data to Commodify.Us, you can directly get in contact with interested buyers. Commodify.us cuts out the middle man, and you decide for yourself who has access to your information and activities.

Commodify.us intends to correct an imbalance of power in the use of personal data by enabling users to enter a market for their data. As authors and owners, users can become active participants in new streams of creative output. Individuals can change how their data is shared or sold on Commodify.us at anytime through licensing options in their profile, including an option to delete their account and data.

About The Makers

Commodify, Inc is an artist-run internet startup which produces projects to help individuals capitalize on their online monetary potential. We are intent on correcting the imbalance of power in markets where users have no control over the transactions made with their personal data.

Members of Commodify, Inc. have completed various artistic projects and interventions on social media like, Fame Game, Give Me My Data, and Web 2.0 Suicide Machine.

Co-founders: Birgit Bachler, Walter Langelaar, Owen Mundy, Tim Schwartz Additional contributors: Joelle Dietrick, Steven Alvarado,

"I created my interior thoughts as a means of production for the corporation that owned the board i was posting to, and that commodity was being sold to other commodity/consumer entities as entertainment. that means that I sold my soul like a tennis shoe and I derived no profit from the sale of my soul." (Carmen Hermosillo aka humdog, 1994)

For all media inquiries, please contact us via commodify.us

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