After a couple kid-friendly flicks and years of red carpet treatment, O'Shea Jackson isn't the same angry black man that made critical music in rap's golden era. But, he can still act like it. In "Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It", Ice Cube facetiously lays the blame for the majority of America's problems at the feet of the genre he helped propel to the mainstream. Violence, rape, murder, theft, arson, war? All the fault of rap music, according to the Nazi-ed up classroom teacher tells a classroom of kids in the year 2020. Deft edits of stock footage from natural and political disasters follow, intercut with a shadow boxing Ice Cube. It's a gripping visual for a song that confronts the hypocrisy of rap's pop culture critics and should provoke discussion for months to come.

Director: Jonathan Silver
Producer: Giovani Hidalgo
D.P.: Colin Watkinson
Art Dir.: Arnie Knudsen
Editor: Jonathan Silver
Colorist: Dave Hussey
Label: Lynch Mobb Records

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