With Sean Basinski, Joel Berg, Nevin Cohen, Stanley Fleishman

Foodprint NYC was the first in a series of international conversations about food and the city. From a cluster analysis of bodega inventories to the cultural impact of the ice-box, and from food deserts to peak phosphorus, panelists examined the hidden corsetry that gives shape to urban foodscapes, and collaboratively speculated on how to feed New York in the future. The free afternoon program included designers, policy-makers, flavor scientists, culinary historians, food retailers, and others, for a wide-ranging discussion of New York’s food systems, past and present, as well as opportunities to transform our edible landscape through technology, architecture, legislation, and education.

Our first panel was called Zoning Diet. We asked Sean Basinski, Founder and Director of the Street Vendor Project, Joel Berg, author of All You Can Eat: How Hungry is America? and the Executive Director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, Nevin Cohen, Assistant Professor of Urban Studies at The New School, and Stanley Fleishman, President and CEO of Jetro Cash & Carry/Restaurant Depot, how zoning, policy, and economics shape New York City’s food systems.

For more, visit foodprintproject.com.

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