One of the most interesting projects, from an editing standpoint, is to make a video entirely from interviews. The limit of only having "talking heads" to look at puts the onus on getting a series of comments that creates a powerful, engaging and seamless stream of content.

This video is the first of three cuts, often called the rough cut. During the first cut, you log, and make notes on all the comments made in all the interviews: in this case ten people were interviewed, resulting in about 5 hours of content. From the five hours, I have selected and rough-edited 14 minutes of "selects" that I will now turn over to Steve Weatherbee, the producer, to review.

From his comments and direction, I'll pare this edit down to six minutes, add music, and make a second presentation to the producer.

Together, we will spend several hours reordering and tweaking the scenes, to get the presentation as strong and polished as possible.

The it's on to EQing the mix, add graphics, color correct the scenes and authoring the DVDs for AV projection.

The video will headline an employee service awards dinner.

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