We built Feel Free at Federation Square for Shed Light - part of Federation Square's annual Light in Winter festival in 2012 curated by Electrolight.

Feel Free is a minimal, resource efficient structure developed by Analog Structures with a low-fi interactive façade, fully open interior, and a flexible and lightweight structure for adaptation, customisation and tinkering.
Feel Free is a free space - a facilitator for activity, a signalling medium and a laboratory for the public and participants during Shed Light.

The building uses our efficient structural system utilising CNC-cut standard plywood sheets. Analog Structure’s building system is innovative, resource-efficient and proven through vigorous prototyping. It is also
affordable, durable and easily dismantled and reused.

Our partners for the event were ARKit, GHD, Gunnersens, Field International, Aline Joinery, The Projects, Carla McKee, The Narrows, ARC Reo, Glamex.

Contact me for more information.

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