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ZODIAC ENTERTAINMENT is a motion picture production house based in Auckland, New Zealand. For each project we take a universal, yet unique, film-making approach that marries a broad range of film and media production skills with extensive development and film-making experience. Using the latest technology available and innovative outside the box thinking gives us the edge and the tools to provide our clients with the very best service they deserve.

However, "ZODIAC ENTERTAINMENT" means more to us than just being the name of our company...

"ZODIAC" represents the universal collection of talented people who know how to apply each aspect from the art and craft of film-making and new media in all its diversity and complexity. All of this is put together by us in such a way securing and providing the ultimate and best solution/result for any project we undertake. No-One Else can do it quite as we do. That is why we are as unique at what we do. We LOVE Film and Media and Live and breath it. So give us more to live for.

"ENTERTAINMENT" is, quite simply, self explanatory anyway and the reason for the existence of our client's projects. The products we deliver must entertain our client's targeted audiences and deliver the desired outcome they want. All of this is the focus of all our efforts, to achieve the quality of the product our clients imagine and desire. Quality is paramount and entertainment at its best is what we can deliver always.

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