GUESTS: Kit O'Connell of Occupy Austin, Matthew McLoughlin of Occupy Chicago

Infiltration has been effectively used to undermine many social movements and Occupy is no different. FOIA requests show that the alphabet soup of organizations that make up the modern police state in America have been watching Occupiers around the country. In Cleveland, Chicago and other cities we have seen informants working undercover to entrap Occupiers and paint them as terrorists. Seven Occupiers are charged with felonies for using lockboxes (a.k.a. sleeping dragons) to block a road leading into the Port of Houston; during the trial it was revealed that Austin Police Department infiltrators provided material support by building the lockboxes that became the basis for felony charges.

Matthew McLoughlin of Occupy Chicago Media will discuss his personal experiences with infiltrators, the NATO5 case, and how

McLoughlin will be joined by Occupy Austin Activists Kit O’Connell to discuss Infiltration in the Occupy Movement. Kit O’Connell, MyFDL Editor and Occupy Austin Media Team were present for the December 12 Port Shutdown that lead to the felony charges against Ronnie and others in #OATX. He joins us to discuss infiltration in social movements and his personal experience with Occupy Austin and the Port Shutdown.

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