On July 2012, Stuttgart was taken over by 120 creative people, working in 10 international teams. With only three days and nights to design and build interventions in public space, teams stormed sites along the Wagenhallen area and Nordbahnhof street in the centre of the city, where the much debated redevelopment plan of Stuttgart 21 has its most immediate and significant effect.

For More Info: Facebook/72HUA

Teams responded to local needs in missions that were assigned to them on takeoff day. They occupied the sites, washing the street with passion and stylish orange overalls, working day and night together with residents, to give the area ten new public spaces and installations.

From the jury:

"We all know that architecture is a slow process, however we all know that architectural thinking is fast. 72HUA is the closest to architectural thinking in action. To witness it, to be part of it, is an empowering experience for anyone interested in the possibilities of rapid and real change in the city."

Eva Franch i Gilabert, Jury Chair
Director, Storefront for Art and Architecture, NYC

“The biggest impact of temporary interventions is in the minds of people:
It shows that things can be different than they are, That you can change something really fast, and that is a big message. And it’s not just one site, but ten!"
Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius, Jury Chair
Performing Architect, Raumlaborberlin, Berlin

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