The definitive story of Creation Records, which operated under the stewardship of Alan McGee between 1984 and 1999. Through bands such as Oasis and My Bloody Valentine, Creation produced some of the most iconic music of the 20th Century.

McGee was the firebrand spirit who signed bands on instinct, risking bankruptcy at every turn. Despite this, Creation had an astonishing run of artistically and commercially successful acts, breaking through with the Jesus and Mary Chain in 1985 and continuing with Primal Scream, The House of Love, My Bloody Valentine, Ride and Teenage Fanclub.

In the early 90s, McGee sold the label to Sony, then hit big with the discovery of Oasis and the ensuing Britpop explosion soon after.

Upside Down captures the spirit of an era: the back-room deals, the heady days of transatlantic success, the drug-fueled rampages, all-night parties - and the day the money ran dry. This is the tale of the rock‘n’roll dream and its accompanying nightmares.

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