I have eaten so many cyclists out there that were a really good match for me because they do the "hills" wrong. The road goes over that one high bridge, but crosses a huge flood protection levee seven times round trip. The levees are steep enough to make a difference in your cadence.

What almost ALL other riders do is down-shift up the hill, then rest on the way down. Exactly what the faster guy in my vid did. You will notice at every levee, the distance between us gets cut in half.

What I do is try to "rest" on the flats. At those 7 hills, and the bridge especially, I shift UP two or three gears at the base and hammer to the top as hard as I can. It's not far! Then hammer down the other side in an all out sprint with the help of gravity and try to keep my earned momentum up as long as possible after the hill. The hill is a "slingshot" if you will. Then recover on the flats. Just the opposite of everyone else. It really must frustrate them to gain ground slowly on the flats, then loose it all at every hump. I am waging psychological warfare too. Your body being fit is only part of it.

Passing at the right moment on the bridge is CRITICAL. If I can get to the top a few seconds before the other rider, I will be doing 30+ on the way down while he is doing 15 on the way up. That will create a HUGE gap - as you could see in the vid - and generally crushes the other guy mentally. Saying "Good Morning" without sounding out of breath in an uphill sprint is a great touch too. That takes practice!

For more photos and text see "Confessions of a Triathlete Hunter - Disturbing The Comfortable" at

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