3D visualization project for the In Flanders Field Museum in Ypres.

In preparation of the centenary and the commemoration of World War I, '3D Square' joined hands with production house 'Fijne Beeldwaren' to take on the project of visualizing the Cloth Halls of Ypres (UNESCO World Heritage Site) in 3D for the reopening of the In Flanders Field Museum.

A very challenging and large scale project, where the goal was to visualize the Cloth Halls in different stages of the war, where the entire city was bombarded to the ground and eventually rebuild into the site as it is now. With all the architectural plans destroyed, all we had to go on were old pictures, aerial shots and postcards to figure out the geometric composition of the structure. Cross referencing them with the old foundations of Ypres we set forth on the arduous journey of recreating the 6 different stages of bombardment as historical accurate as possible.

Holographic visualization can be found in the In Flanders Field Museum, located in the Cloth Halls of Ypres (vimeo.com/44932857).

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