A 7-hour endurance performance exhibited during the (e)merge Art Fair in Washington, D.C. 2011; emergeartfair.com

The Martyr is at once a hoarder and a provider.

She may be viewed as opposing sides of the same character, at war with each other. Or, as two individuals at odds, tethered together but refusing compromise and unable to work together.

While examining actions of self-service, self-sacrifice, and self-centeredness, Thirst, and the Martyr questions the availability and distribution of resources critical to our survival on this planet.

Hope is challenged but not fully extinguished as the struggle drones on.


Visit JJMcCracken.com and click on Performance/Installation for still images

Thirst, and the Martyr was written, directed, and designed by J.J. McCracken
Special thanks to Margaret Boozer & Red Dirt Studio for project support & construction
This project was funded in part by an award from the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation

Characters: J.J. McCracken, Sy.Newt McCracken
Washtub bass: Marc Blackwood

Sound Engineering, Video
Marc Blackwood

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