a video by Steven Strauss
34 mins. 2013
featuring - Regina Myers & Briana Layon.

Platinum examines the after-effect actions of two young women who willingly participated in the making of a sexually exploitive video. As each hour passes the following day, the young women find their video becoming more and more popular as it spreads through internet channels and the view counts quickly and steadily rise. Loving the attention and what it might mean for them, the girls help the video spread and even produce more videos to increase their prospects of "fame".
Platinum is an exploration of our current (social)media obsession and our often voracious and thoughtless consumption of media. Click after click, link after link, where are the lines between fame and notoriety - meaningful and matter of fact? At it's core, Platinum is also a study of whether or not we as viewers of this random, fractured, reality-documented, straight-to-internet video can and do actually view and process "the subject" (in this case, the participant) of the media itself or just consume and discard it as the temporal "whole" that it quickly becomes once posted amongst a similar unending milieu of uploads.

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